Pharmacotherapy Section

This section is for authors interested in writing about pharmacotherapy, pharmaceutical devices, pharmacology principles, or clinical prescribing pearls. The author may wish to pose a question and provide an evidence-based response. (Examples of questions: Review of new pharmacotherapy? Where does a new medication fit into existing therapy? Which education points are important to enhance outcomes? How do new guidelines affect prescribing practice?) An ideal topic is one that a provider has (or might) pose to a pharmacotherapy specialist. The article should address the question in an evidence-based, practical manner. Longer submissions will be considered if the topic warrants a more detailed explanation. Take this opportunity to improve prescribing, monitoring, and patient outcomes. This section may also include interesting case reports related to pharmacotherapy, challenging clinical pharmacotherapy consults (drug information type questions) or other therpaeutic controversies. 

Editor: Neely C. Hudson, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCEMP